Ryan’s Top Tips – The Cheapest Ways to Get Rid of Waste


If you find yourself with items that won’t fit or aren’t allowed to be placed in your general waste bins, you may be searching for other ways to dispose of them. However, you will likely come across expensive and potentially unaffordable means of disposing of waste. 

This is why Ryan Colson is offering his top tips for the cheapest ways to get rid of waste, whether you’re dealing with household, electrical or even toxic waste. There’s a solution for everything. 

Household Waste

Household waste is the easiest kind to dispose of, so there are plenty of options out there for you. Items like clothing, furniture, paper & cardboard and wood are permitted by many waste disposal companies, such as Colson Skips and Colson Transport grab hire

These services also offer skip bags, which are smaller than general skips but are much cheaper. They can hold up to 1 tons worth of weight and can be delivered and collected right from your doorstep. Their small size reduces the need for a skip permit, which adds to the cost of skip hire, creating a cheap and convenient way of disposing of household waste. 

Another option is to utilise a man with a van service. They will happily take away your household waste and deliver it to a waste disposal site, saving you both time and money. 

Electrical Waste

Electrical waste is slightly more complicated to dispose of, as most skip and grab hire companies won’t take away electrical items. However, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) can be easily recycled. There are businesses that will happily take old, broken or unused electrical equipment, utilising the components for the production of other electronics, and some businesses will even pay you for your devices. 

So instead of paying out for someone to take away your electrical waste, you can send it off for free and receive cash in return. If you’re looking to dispose of bigger electrical items such as fridges or freezers, check with your local waste and recycling centre. 

Toxic Waste

Due to the dangerous and hazardous nature of toxic waste, items that fall under this category need to be handled carefully. There are specific toxic waste disposal services that can handle these materials, taking them safely off your hands. 

Regular skip and grab hire companies can’t handle toxic waste as it’s unlikely they’ll have the correct permits that allow them to dispose of hazardous waste. Instead, you’ll need to seek out a registered hazardous waste carrier and ensure the waste hasn’t been mixed with other items. 

As your options are limited with toxic waste disposal, you may have to pay slightly more than you would for skip hire or grab hire. Ryan Colson would recommend contacting a few local hazardous waste carriers for more information on pricing, to guarantee you’re receiving a fair quote. 

Ryan Colson’s tips are designed to help our customers get the most for their money. To find out more about Colson Transport and their skip hire service, please click here.