Ryan Colson’s Advice: What Size Skip Should I Hire From Colson Skips


Ryan Colson’s Advice: What Size Skip Should I Hire From Colson Skips

As CEO of the Colson Transport franchise, Ryan Colson also oversees his company Colson Skips, dedicated to providing customers across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicester with quick and reliable waste management solutions. Colson’s offers a wide range of skip sizes you can hire for both commercial and residential waste removal, each suited to a different use. 

Find out what skip size you should hire from Colson Skips and what Ryan Colson recommends.

What size skips are there? 

Colson Skip’s currently offers skips from 2 cubic yards up to 14 cubic yards, with skip bags also available for smaller projects. Each skip is suited to a different use so it may be worth reading through Ryan Colson’s guide before hiring a skip.

2-Yard Skip

Also known as the ‘baby skip’, the 2-yard skip is perfect for small residential projects such as a kitchen or bathroom renovation, and can easily hold up to 2 tons worth of weight. Its petite size makes it ideal for fitting on small driveways or front gardens, and therefore is unlikely to require a permit for use. If you’re planning to remove a hefty amount of waste, but can’t be bothered lugging it all to the tip, consider investing in a 2-yard Colson skip hire. 

4-Yard Skip

The 4-yard ‘mini’ skip is slightly larger on the skip size scale but is still small enough to be extremely useful for residential projects. Holding up to 4 tons worth of weight, this skip can fit garden waste, furniture, bikes and other medium-sized objects that can be difficult to dispose of. 

8-Yard Skip

Moving up to the larger skips is the 8-yard ‘builders skip, named as such due to its frequent use on construction sites. You can dump up to 8 tons of waste in this container, ideal for rubble, concrete, stone and other heavy building materials. Due to its size, you may find it tricky to fit an 8-yard skip on your front garden or driveway, which is why this skip is used less for residential projects and more for construction purposes. 

12-Yard Skip

Nearing the end of the scale we have 12-yard skips, perfect for construction, industrial and commercial purposes, and are only utilised by residential customers for particularly large home renovations. 12-yard skips can contain green waste or general waste, with options for both available from the Colson Skips website, allowing you to dispose of your commercial waste in the right way. 

14-Yard Skip

The largest skip size provided by Colson Skips is the 14-yard skip and can hold up to 8 tons worth of weight. The 14-yard skip is ideal for large building projects or medium sizes construction projects and can fit between 200 and 220 bin bags of waste. Heavy items often aren’t permitted in these skips and therefore are more suited to light and bulky waste. 

If you’re still unsure which size skip you should hire, please contact Colson Skips for more information, whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential waste removal solution.