Ryan Colson Answers: Volumetric Vs Barrel Mix Concrete

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Today we’re taking a look at the different ways that you can get concrete delivered and mixed. Barrel mix concrete or volumetric concrete. My company Colson Transport provides volumetric concrete to businesses and residents in Nottingham and Derbyshire. Below, let’s take a look at the benefits of volumetric over barrel mixed concrete.

Ryan Colson Reveals: Volumetric Vs Barrel Mix Concrete

Construction projects are often held to very tight deadlines, especially in large scale commercial operations, where time is of the essence. Hold ups at any stage of a project can have a knock-on effect, which risk putting the whole timeline out of sequence. Therefore any processes that can be streamlined should be taken advantage of, such as the mixing and pouring of concrete.

Ordering ready mix concrete is preferable to mixing concrete yourself for a number of reasons, not least because it saves a lot of time and skilled labour. Also, you will receive a much more consistent, high quality standard of concrete because it minimises the margin for human error.

However, there are essentially two ways in which ready mix concrete can be delivered to your site:

  1. The traditional method of ready mix concrete, which we will refer to here as barrel mixed – This is where the concrete is manufactured and mixed in a batching plant, according to a predetermined set of proportions. The mix is then delivered to the site in a transit (barrel) mixer, which delays it from setting until it arrives.
  2. Volumetric concrete – This is the most efficient way to order and use ready mix concrete! In this method, the concrete is delivered and mixed in a mobile volumetric concrete mixer, but crucially the mixing process does not begin until it arrives at the site. The ingredients are kept separate in different compartments during the journey, which results in many benefits over all other forms of delivered concrete.

Why should you choose volumetric concrete for your next project?

Volumetric concrete is growing rapidly in popularity because of the many benefits it has over barrel mix concrete. Here’s why you should choose volumetric concrete for your next construction project, however great or small:

Quality –

As volumetric concrete is not mixed until it reaches the site, its quality will not be reduced during the journey time. With barrel mix concrete, there is a very limited time frame from when it leaves the batching plant, to when it will begin to dry up and lose some of its quality.


Flexibility –

This is perhaps the greatest advantage of ordering volumetric concrete. As mentioned above, once barrel mix concrete leaves the batching plant, it has already been mixed and cannot be altered. With volumetric, alterations can be made on the go for both the recipe and the quantity. You will be laying the concrete as more is being mixed, allowing you to be extremely precise with exactly how much more you need.


Cost –

Precision in quantity means you never pay for more than the exact amount of concrete that you need. With barrel mix concrete, you are reliant on estimates, as it has to be prepared beforehand in the batching plant. You may end up paying for more than you actually need, or even worse, you might not have ordered enough! Make sure you only pay for what you use by ordering volumetric concrete.

Colson Transport

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